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Financial Planning

Financial Planning is not Selling Financial Products, Short-Term or about Picking Stocks / Shares.

We spend our money in accordance with our Value System e.g. Children’s Education, Travel. For example, unless saving is in your top values, the chance of accumulating surplus funds for a specific event becomes a real challenge.

We are Financial Planners who take the time to listen to you and work closely with you to help you to determine what you want out of life.

We then design a unique Financial Planning solution, tailored specifically to your particular circumstances.

We started Accumulus Financial Planners in 2011 with a clear purpose “to deliver financial peace of mind and help our clients prepare for an uncertain future”.

Financial planning is not so much about keeping the past the same, but discovering how the future can be different. It is not so much about your money but about what you want to achieve in life and how money can help.

At Accumulus Financial Planners, we strive to think differently about your money.

The Financial Planning process starts by identifying your plans, values, life goals and future aspirations, in other words seeking what you really want out of life and whether these goals you have shared are affordable and achievable.

We typically work with Irish domiciled clients who recognise the value of mapping out and planning their financial futures.

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