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Investment Planning

Our aim is to take the emotion out of investing, and guide clients through the often over complicated world of Investment. Having established our clients’ objectives and agreeing an appropriate level of risk, we then translate this into a robust investment strategy.

The selection of appropriate investment vehicles within each asset class is a very important step in the investment process. Using simple investment building blocks we have constructed 5 model portfolios based around our core principles.

Much of what passes for successful investing is a combination of luck and the ebb and flow of investment style. Consistent with our investment philosophy and in recognition of the inability of active managers to consistently outperform, we recommend investment through passive investments for a portion of a portfolio.

That said we recognise the efficacy of an active approach to fund management in less efficient areas of the market (e.g. emerging markets, property), where we consider active management appropriate. When identifying active fund managers, we look for strong track records which have been achieved without excessive risk taking and which may be repeatable. It requires a thorough analysis of many other factors including, though not limited to, the following:

  • Risk adjusted performance track record
  • Investment team
  • Investment philosophy and process
  • Risk controls and compliance/ governance structures
  • Charges

We access a comprehensive report on all funds which provides a quantitative assessment of the best funds across each of the asset class categories. The analysis uses a range of risk adjusted performance metrics to identify the funds which have achieved the best returns while taking account of risk.

Qualitative factors are important also, and we overlay a subjective assessment of the fund manager (in terms of style, team and investment process) on top of the quantitative analysis.