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Money is about Your Feelings

Another inspiring blog post by Carl Richards, which makes the connection between money and our emotions…read on by clicking here http://www.behaviorgap.com/money-is-about-feelings/

The Most Valuable Asset You Own: Yourself

Another inspiring article from Behaviour Gap we wanted to share with you to kick-start 2016…read on by clicking here

5 Common Mistakes That Cause New Habits to Fail (and What to Do About Them)

IT’S NEW YEAR RESOLUTION TIME…posted last year by one of our favourite bloggers James Clear and still a valuable read for 2016…read on by clicking here

The Ebb & Flow of Financial Life – our new video

Investors should not have to crack the Enigma Code to find out what Fees they are paying

Interesting article by Simon Powell, click here to read more………..

Do you know what Fees you are paying?

The Fish (or Investment) That Got Away – Behaviour Gap

In Carl Richard’s recent article detailed below, he refers to ‘the one that got away’. This is a scenario that we have all come across in some shape of form and whilst there can be a great sense of intrigue, we need to be mindful that the ‘great catch’ may not be all that it is promised to be………http://bit.ly/thefishthatgotaway

Take the No Shame, No Blame Challenge – Behavior Gap

In Carl Richard’s attached article he talks about how people can have better money conversations with each other and develops the idea that ‘Shame and Blame aren’t very helpful’. If we look at this in an Irish context, there are many people who made investments over the last 10 – 15 years in line with specific goals they had set e.g. retirement, holiday home, kids education etc., and since 2008 have seen their investment world collapse. It can be a difficult subject for many to talk about and Carl’s article sheds some light as to how we can look back on the past and move forward…………………..…………… http://bit.ly/takenoshamenoblamechallengebyBehaviourGap

Warren Buffet’s 6 Finance Tips for 2015

6 THINGS WARREN BUFFET SAYS YOU SHOULD DO WITH YOUR MONEY IN 2015… http://bit.ly/warrenbuffet6financetipsfor2015


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