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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At the heart of what we do is to cause our clients to reflect and consider what they really want out of life, what are their dreams, hopes, aspirations and passions? Do they have the quality of life that they set out to achieve? Can they afford to do what they really want to do? – This is financial planning.

At Accumulus Financial Planners we work with many types of individuals who all have on thing in common, they are time-poor individuals. We do for them what a finance director and finance team do in business. We financially model their personal finances and help them to set goals and reorder their priorities.

Our planning aims to achieve three clear outcomes:

Time – to be able to focus on and achieve what is most important to our clients
Clarity – a clear financial roadmap of what the next 10, 20, 30 years might look like
Fund – typically our clients will accumulate more wealth than they could achieve on their own

Over the last number of years we have helped various clients achieve some of their life goals from early retirement to going from a five-day week to a four-day week to spend more time with the family without compromising their lifestyles.


As we get to know you we challenge the assumption and notion that more money brings more happiness and that greater levels of wealth will build stronger relationships.

We believe that many people also work under the false assumption that by working longer hours they can be more productive and can create additional capital. Significant evidence shows that this is typically not the case.

Often in the pursuit of building additional or greater levels of financial capital it’s very easy to miss out on the opportunity to build social and spiritual capital – time with family and friends, helping others and creating a legacy.

We will challenge the notion:

  • Of the ‘get rich quick’ mentality
  • That additional wealth can be created by ‘timing the markets’

There is significant evidence to prove that pursuing these practices rather than creating wealth can actually dissipate wealth. We encourage a change of thinking – a paradigm shift – in these areas.


Our strategy is to build our business by working with Ireland’s leading financial and tax planners who clearly demonstrate the ability to readily and confidently translate complex financial issues and challenges into workable solutions and financial strategies for our private, charity and business clients.

On a daily basis we are presented with unique challenges that can only be resolved by creating unique and bespoke solutions.

It is the combination of our insightful approach, our goals-led approach to financial and tax planning, our preoccupation with excellent client care and our team-based client management structure that makes Accumulus Financial Planners unique.