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Tax & Estate Planning

We are able to combine your taxation requirements with your investment strategy, your personal cash flow planning and your giving.

Our integrated approach to financial planning includes a detailed review of your overall financial position and takes account of personal tax and how this impacts, for example, the overall investment return that may be achieved.

We can employ highly qualified, specialist tax advisers who review our clients’ investment portfolios, prepare their tax returns and also prepare our clients’ estate plans and inheritance tax mitigation strategies. Or alternatively we can work with your existing advisers in these matters.

Through careful planning and the use of tax–efficient investment vehicles, we design financial strategies for you, which have the potential to make significant savings for you.

All our clients benefit from our four core services of:

  • Comprehensive financial and cash flow planning
  • Personal tax and estate planning
  • Investment portfolio management

A key and crucial area of building your overall financial strategy is – estate planning. This involves discussion and debate on some really challenging issues such as:

– How much should be passed to my children without impacting their personal self-motivation?

– How and when do I tell my children how much they may receive?

– Do I divide my estate equally between my children?

– As my children are now all financially independent I am minded to leave my estate to charity. How do I arrange a family conference and discuss this with my children?

– How can I efficiently distribute my estate to those specified in my Will while still retaining sufficient capital to cope with the unforeseen – such as residential nursing home fees?